THE ULTIMATE ‘BROMANCE’ EU leaders fear Hungarian-Italian alliance against the Muslim invasion could become Europe’s Trojan horse.


Actually, Islam is the only Trojan Horse in Europe

The staunchly anti-Muslim migration Hungarian PM Viktor Orban described Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini as his hero for refusing to allow rescued Muslim asylum-seekers, stuck on a boat, to set foot on Italian soil unless the European Union settled them elsewhere.

Voice of Europe  (h/t Maurice) Hungarian PM Viktor Orban and Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini discussed a future alliance between the two, with Orban expressing solidarity with Italy and his nation’s willingness to do all it can to help Italy protect its borders.
Hungarian PM Viktor Orban and Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini
There’s an increasing amount of support for Hungary after the European Parliament punished the country for ‘weakening its democracy’ by refusing to allow itself to be overrun with Muslim invaders posing as refugees. The so-called Sargentini report says there is a “clear risk” of a serious breach by Hungary…

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