I Pray To GOD, That You Brits Wake Up Before It Is Too Late To STOP Those Demons From Completely DESTROYING Your Country!

Zamzam Ibrahim, who was elected President of Salford University’s Student Union in March, also suggested friendship between men and women is un-Islamic and is opposed to the government’s anti-radicalisation strategy. The Swedish-Somali student officer also described the government’s ‘Prevent’ radicalization strategy as “disastrous” and “racist.” UK Daily Mail (h/t Stuart B) In one message she…

via MANCHESTER, UK: Salford University’s Somali-Muslim student union president says she would like to “oppress white people” and believes there would be an “Islamic takeover if more people read the quran” — BARE NAKED ISLAM


You “white people” had better wake up before it is too late! You need to close down all of their demonic terrorist buildings, that they they call mosques! They use them to recruit more terrorists!

God I love Britain, and I hope and pray that you Brits STOP allowing those DEMONS to continue to INVADE, INFILTRATE, and DESTROY your nation!


Allah = satan NOT God!