It is a really sad day in America when those who try to feed our hungry and homeless are persecuted!

Homeless-Man-Feeding the Homeless

It is a really sad day in America when those who try to feed our hungry and homeless are persecuted. Down is up, and Evil and Selfishness are up, and are perceived as Good. It tells us in the Bible, that we are supposed to take care of our own First, then try to help others!


FEED AMERICA'S HUNGRY CHILDRENJesus taught us to feed the hungry and homeless. Jesus did NOT tell us to welcome EVIL into our country, and feed them! He also told us NOT to call Evil Good or to allow it! The muslims are doing Evil NOT Good!

Hungry American Children

In America there are those who have tried to help feed the children and homeless, and they have been fined and threatened with jail or lost their jobs! America, a place where PEDOPHILES get away with murdering the souls of our children, and good people trying to help them lose their jobs, is NOT the America that I grew up with.


Good versus Evil

Good versus Evil

This lady deserves a REWARD not persecution!! Hope a lawyer offers to defend her, and she sues them and gets rich off the assholes! My grandmother used to do that to. Those children will remember her for the rest of her life! Wonder what hateful or jealous ASSHOLE turned her in? We desperately need “School Choice”! I have worked in the schools, and they are full of loving people like this lady, but there are also LIARS, and HATEFUL Demon-Rats and it is ALL about CONTROL! GOD will provide for her for being unselfish and trying to help the children. She knows that these children are hungry. GOD BLESS HER. She did NOT steal the food! She donated it with money out of her pocket!! I know how much money that they pay those cafeteria ladies, and it barely enough to survive! While the TRAITORS Obama and Clinton feed the satanic muslims and foreigners, this lady is trying to feed American children!!


Now, that is just UN-American and UN-Christian!! I thank GOD everyday that He answered my prayers and sent us President Trump to help us take back our country from the Demons!

My God, we have hungry and homeless here in America yet our Crooked politicians are trying to help the Illegals and Criminals!

Obama the Terrorist was feeding the ENEMY = satanic muslims! Allah is NOT God! Their allah is the Devil! I blame Obama for trying to force the muslim refugees on us, and LYING about why he is doing it! He is doing it to INVADE, DESTROY, and CONQUER America with his muslim Demons! Pilgrims came to America and worked for what they needed, and did NOT Rape, Torture, and Behead everyone, the satanic muslims DID!