Published on Sep 6, 2016

Its time for the people to stand up to our totally corrupt governments, that are selling us out to the UN. The UN is Sharia Luciferian doctrine, they are deliberately bringing in the Muslims, because they know they will not assimilate into Western society and culture.

You all need to wake up now, before it is to-late to do anything about them, coming in. There goal is to cause major upheaval and as many problems as they can, so governments will have to declare martial law.

Islam is of the devil, and there will never be peace between Islam and Christian’s until Jesus Christ returns to rule the world. PS. Muhammad is burning in Hell for all his shocking crimes. He broke all of GOD’s Holy 10 commandments given to the prophet Moses. Jesus Christ upheld the 10 commandments. Muhammad was a womanizer a murderer a blasphemer and a pedophile of the worse kind. GOD said only one woman for each man. Not 8 women and a child to fondle, you sick bastards. If you believe that there is nothing wrong with what Muhammad did, then you are all guilty, and will all go into the lake of fire and burn with him. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD. HIS NAME IS THE GREAT I AM JEHOVAH YAHVEY, THE GOD OF THE JEWS AND CHRISTIANS.

Spread this video far and wide, the governments responsible for this treachery must be removed from their positions. The UN are satanic beyond comprehension. They want Sharia, so reject there propaganda and lies. The Bilderberg group, British Monarchy and secret societies are behind the UN. The Rothschild’s are the main ones to go after, they are the ones supplying all the money to these satanic organizations. The CIA work for the Rothschild’s. they supply the arms to the terrorist organizations like ISIS. The Queen and her family are NAZI, but they hide it real good. You are all being conned big time. They want to control everyone through a one world government, and one world religion. ( Satanism/Luciferianism) wake up world before it is to-late, resist the Muslim invasion. The UN are using the Muslims to create civil war and chaos.