Swedes demonstrate cultural enrichment with Islamic morning prayers at 6am — The Muslim Issue

It’s pretty funny…. Some fed up people in Sweden ventured to a rich area at 6 am to give them a taste of the future of multicultural society by playing the Islamic morning prayers – loud. Exactly like they do in the Middle East. Even the police showed up to see what the ruckus was […]

via Swedes demonstrate cultural enrichment with Islamic morning prayers at 6am — The Muslim Issue

Hell, the Swedish people have Nazis for police! What right do they have to confiscate their van? Multiculturalism is killing the Swedish people’s sovereignty and allowing the satanic cult of islam to TAKE OVER their nation.

If it was Muslims playing the prayers, NOTHING would have been done to stop them!! I’ll bet these police would NOT have tried to stop them!

You Swedes had better wake up before your country becomes like the other third world shit holes that the Barbaric Bastards have INFILTRATED, and INVADED!!



I hope that Sweden does NOT allow the satanic cult of islam to DESTROY their country! Kiss your tourist trade goodbye!! I would NEVER visit any country that has been INVADED by the islamic savages! It is NOT safe to visit, nor are any of the other third world islamic shit holes!! The Savages TRASH up, and DESTROY every country that they have INVADED!! They do NOT co-exist with any civilized societies!

The ASSHOLES with money to live in their own areas, think that it alright to allow the SAVAGES to INFILTRATE the poor people’s neighborhoods are TRAITORS to their own country and people! They should NOT be allowed in Sweden or any other civilized nation!!