TRUMP is the Perfect Man for the Job!! STOP the #BenghaziBitch!


Texas Tea Party Patriots


As far as I am concerned,#TRUMP is the perfect man for the job!! Yes, he is not perfect, because he is not God. #DONALDTRUMP is the BEST man for the job!

#TRUMP has worked for and created jobs for his money! He will work for us, the American people, that the EVIL bitch calls “Deplorable”, NOT the foreigners and islamic terrorists! She is the DEPLORABLE, DECADENT, DEMON, DOPED UP, and a DISGRACE to America, just like Obama is!! The only people that they have helped are themselves!!

#TRUMP is EXACTLY right when he states that America is less safe that she was fifteen years ago!! The #BenghaziBitch is trying to convince people that #DonaldTrump is hateful!! What an IDIOT! She is the one that labels us DEPLORABLE and RACIST, that is Obama’s tactics of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals! She continually uses the EXCUSE that “she cannot recall”!…

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