STOP The Muslim INFILTRATION of America!

Let’s see if we can find some logic to the scenario below, I doubt it but I’ll try. Just as I thought, the employment solution in Baltimore and the surrounding townships of which Mayor Rawlings-Blake directs has a dismal employment situation. (Source) The solution? Of course bring in more Muslims from Syria to work. […]

via $16 Million Food Stamp bust in Baltimore, check out the Muslims on the dole —

First that IGNORANT, ENABLING woman should be voted out or fired! DEPORT her ass to a muslim, third world hell hole, and let her see how they treat women!!

We do NOT need anymore muslim refugees!! They do NOT assimilate! It is wrong for you to ROB the American taxpayers to support foreign countries children! We are NOT responsible for the rest of the world’s children! If they cannot afford them, then do NOT have them! STOP ROBBING us to support them while you demons INFILTRATE our nation! 

Non-Americans should NEVER receive taxpayers money in the third place. How about you BASTARDS take care of Americans and our military FIRST!! Vote for #ONLYTRUMP to STOP this insanity! 

ISLAM AND OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION DO NOT CO-EXISTDelusionalCretinObamaDefendsIslamPraysToAllahSatan