The Moment of Truth: By Jihad Hater and Islamic Expert Pat Condell


Allah is NOT God! Allah is satan! Ban those Barbaric Bastards from America! Build the Wall! Vote for #ONLYTRUMP to take back our country and bring GOD back into our schools and homes!!

Right now those DEMONS are brainwashing our children, and trying to make them believe that islam is peaceful, BULLSHIT, only if you bow down to satan, and do whatever they want you to! I will NEVER follow the satanic cult of islam!! There are billions of us Christians in America, and we will NEVER submit! Ban sharia!!

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211By Jim Campbell,


It must be remembered that Mr. Condel is speaking about Europe not the U.S. in his observations below.



The U.S. is not far behind however with a do nothing Republican led congress and local members of congress in Republican districts bending over backwards to kiss Muslim back sides.

Far too many states allow Sharia in America already. (Source)

Assimilate or go back to sand land works for me.

If you don’t believe any of the 521 citations from the Qur’an listed below, perhaps you should pick up a copy and begin reading it.

I will gladly flush down the toilet the page of any citation you find correct



Muslims are inbred natural-born killers. (Source)



The enemies of Allah succumb to death or torture.

They are equal opportunists, they hate infidels, Jews. Coptic-Christians, themselves and virtually anyone not brainwashed by Mohammad. 

In their minds…

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