Rutland, VT refugee controversy confirms what we have been saying for years!


You American people had better wake up and see the invasion! Those invaders will either take your jobs or take your tax money to live on!!

The politicians are NOT moving them into their neighborhoods, but yours, and taking more of your money to support them!! Obama is NOT supporting them, or taking them into his house!! So, he does NOT give a damn about you or your family. We don’t need anymore Criminal THUG children of Obama’s!! 

The islamic terrorists will be coming with them! This TREASON must be stopped!! Take care of Americans FIRST!!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Federal refugee contractors, like the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program operate in secrecy making every effort to get resettlement programs up and running in unsuspecting communities before the general public gets wind of it!

See our earlier post on Rutland, here.  There is also another story on the uproar, here, which I never got time to post.

Amila Merdzanovic Former refugee Amila Merdzanovic came to Vermont as a refugee in 1995 and now runs the resettlement program there for USCRI (one of the nine big refugee contractors). She says, no public meeting because all the “anti-immigrants” will come out of the woodwork. Photo and information on a propaganda event coming up June 1:

Now this!  Good for They actually filed a public information request and got this incredible admission! (emphasis is mine)

New information on how the City of Rutland came to be the future home of…

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