Boston: Anti-Semitic Ads OK, Pro-Israel Ads Forbidden

God bless Pamela Geller! God keep her safe from the demons that plot to destroy her and SHUT her up!

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312Taking this to the Supreme Court is just what the doctor ordered.

The print, television media and Obama want us to believe that Jews are the bad actors here when nothing could be further from the case.

It’s not just the jihad attacks in Paris and the Muslim refugee crisis — in this age of Obama, the forces of hatred and oppression are emboldened and on the offensive everywhere.

Officials all over the country are kowtowing to evil instead of standing up to it, even in unlikely places like Boston, which has just agreed to run vicious anti-Israel ads, while continuing to refuse to run our AFDI ads defending Israel and freedom.

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) has long refused to our pro-Israel/anti-jihad advertisements on their buses. And now, with their acceptance of the Jew-hating ads, their bias is naked and obvious — and anti-American and anti-freedom.


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