Finally: New ISIS Coloring Book Teaches Kids About Radical Islam

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Thank God, that someone is not afraid to print the TRUTH! Islam is a satanic cult of perversion, pedophilia, rape, torture, and death!! It should be OUTLAWED in all Civilized Societies! Those DEMONS do NOT co-exist with others! They either CONQUER or KILL!

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312The unnamed Army veteran is all wet on this one. 

Did he serve any tours in Afghanistan and Iraq?

As was the liberal whiner, Melissa Francis who argued, ” The coloring book is for young kids” who found fault with this educational tool.

She obviously had no clue the intended audience.


It would seem the idea age for the book would be when kids are learning about the false information on Islam, parents could use this to teach their kids.

Isn’t it just like the mind of a liberal to avoid reality? 

Islam is being taught in our schools to ninth grade student’s as a religion of love, peace and tolerance.

Yes, the same schools that have outlawed prayer by progressive morons.

This is accomplished by those who take part in stealth jihad getting this filth into our children’s class rooms compliments of groups like CAIR and the AMA.


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