It’s Official: Ground Zero Mosque DEFEATED!


Jim Campbell's

crew-22312Never before seen footage of the attack on 9-11 and how the media and federal government lied to the American people by covering up the intention of Islam to build another mosque to signify another Muslim, victory by Islamic jihadists.

It appeared to be their mission to “Teach” Americans about Islam falsely calling it the religion of peace when in fact it represents an all-pervasive totalitarian life style that treats woman a lower than barn yard animals, kills homosexuals, and destroys anything the don’t understand.


See quotes from the Koran commanding Muslims to kill infidels here.

Equally interesting are the so called journalists presented in the video below trying to attack Ms. Geller’s beliefs when none of them had taken even a moment to study Islam’s teachings.

Atlas Shrugs

911-afdi_sioa-ground-zero-mosque-protestWe did it! We the people.

President Obama pushed for it, then-Mayor of NYC Michael…

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