STOP Allowing The Muslim Devils to INFILTRATE Our Schools and BRAINWASH Our Children!

ISLAM IS A SATANIC CULTBecause the Muslim Devils paid for the books!!! Our children’s minds are being brainwashed by the Liberals and the Muslims!! American children’s books should be written by an American NOT a foreigner! Our books should teach the TRUTH, not a Liberal or Socialists view, NOT a book that teaches our children that white people are bad, NOR that it is white people’s job to support the rest of the world! STOP the brainwashing that white people and Americans are bad and allowing others to make us feel guilty for being the best country in the world to live in! People risk death to come to America to ESCAPE islam and communism, so STOP trying to bring your shit here! America, love it, or leave it!! Common Core = Communist Core!! REBOOT LIBERTY - STOP ISLAMIC INVASION


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