Sweden: “dark-skinned young men” on mopeds rob people at knifepoint in Stockholm

God help us to keep this BULLSHIT from happening in America!

The Muslim Issue

Wooo… ‘dark-skinned young men’? They were actually permitted to come out with that admission in public? The Stockholm police must be a ballsy lot or they will soon cave in from left-wing pressures and remove the description.

Of all migrants, the Africans – and especially the ones with Muslim background – are by far the most violent and dangerous. Their presence in Europe has been of devastating consequences generating ghettos, gangs, and an endless stream of crimes and problems.

Mass immigration into Europe has not created the shangri-la the Eurocrats imagined, but less tolerance and more violence as the public observe the discrepancy of extreme and violent behavior compared to their own European cultures. In other words, mass immigration has created more division and separation rather than a better society. It has punctured a hole in the economy, drained resources to the maximum limit, brought insecurity only seen during war…

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