Muslim Flight Attendant Sues Because Job Makes Her Serve Drinks

I will NOT call her a lady! She is a Terrorist, and she is trying to turn America into her third world shit hole that she crawled out of!! This is America, love it or leave it! Hell, she should NOT be on any American flight anyway, and they do NOT wash their hands!! They ain’t waiting on me!! FIRE HER FOR NOT COMPLYING WITH RULES!! NO MORE EXCUSES FOR THE BARBARIANS!! If this shit is allowed to happen, it is just one more step towards turning America into a third world shit hole!!!

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312This article makes one pause to wonder.

Is this nothing more than political correct hog wash?

If those involved were not Muslims this article would not have been brought to your attention. 283253_2221645951142_1872792_n

How long she would she hold on to her Seventh Century Stone-Age belief system if she were told, we are dropping to an altitude of 9,000 feet where a door can easily be opened, without decompression issues, start serving the drinks or out you go?

Religious accommodation means that you can expect to have your job schedule adjusted to fit your religious needs.

It doesn’t mean that you can get a job that you refuse to do… and then sue when you’re fired for not doing it.

muhammed_cartoon_bomb_fight_all_menThis is a simple way of dealing with those who come to our shores and demand we acquiesce to the words of Allah as described by Mohammad, who could neither read…

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