Insanity: The First Muslim Member of Congress Whines: Keith X. Ellison: Set My ISIS Jihadists Free

crew-22312This guy is a phony and bad actor, he was caught on tape during the investigation covered in the book The Muslim Mafia, and undercover investigation conducted by father and son investigators P.David Gabatz and Paul Sperry who conducted they same type of counter-terrorism operations while in the Air Force.

Ellison in their under cover work was taped at the CAIR headquarters in Fairfax, VA celebrating with their members, that he would be among the first of many.

He’s done a hell of a job in Minnesota hasn’t he? 

If Ellison was worth a damn, he would get his minions from the left to lead the charge into stopping the recruiting Americans for the Islamic State.


“There’s going to be people watching them, encouraging them.”

Keith X Ellison aka Keith Hakim aka Keith Ellison-Muhammad aka a US Congressman has come out for the real victims…

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