Bangladesh PM admits Rohingya Muslims are not from Burma but are illegals who ‘tarnish the country’s image’


The Muslim Issue

The media has been busy, as usual, to portray the illegal Rohingya who has been forcing themselves onto Burma and Thailand as “innocent natives” who have been “living in the region for centuries”. This is total rubbish. The centuries old minorities in Burma are still living there and are not forced out. It’s the new illegals who are pouring into the country from Bangladesh and Bengal to create problems in the region, who are refused entry and pushed out, and rightfully so.

Both the PM of Bangladesh and Indonesian authorities confirm that these illegal Muslims have no background in Burma at all and are not Rohingya “fleeing persecution”.

According to Western media Burma’s government is incapable to discern where people come from. Burma is apparently not allowed to manage their own affairs. They have to be educated, preferrably by a 20-something journalist.

The media is a farce. First they try…

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