US School INDOCTRINATION: Writing assignment asks students to ‘pretend you are a Muslim’

Stop allowing the satanic cult of islam being taught in our schools!!!

Stop the INDOCTRINATION of our children!

Burn the books that the muslims bought for our schools, they are all full of PROPAGANDA and LIES about America!!

The Muslim Issue

Hm, how about that. Yes, pretend you are Muslim and you hate everyone. You imagine your made-up religion is superior to others, and your duty is to despise and condemn anyone who is not a Muslim. You must get offended at anything that does not conform to Islam, and endlessly harass and pressure your surroundings about your wounded feelings in your lack of an Islamic state and law ruling society.

Yes, let children pretend that they have an endless grudge and duty to fight and battle against one family member or another, neighbor against another neighbor, groups against other groups, your religion against another religion, your city against another city, your country against another country. Pretend that you are constantly filled with hatred and contempt against everyone and that everyone is your enemy, according to the doctrine laid down by the prophet of Islam created to appease Allah.

Indeed, pretend…

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