VIDEO Christians Strike Back Destroy Almost All Of The Mosques In Central Africa – British Muslim Rape Gangs

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Coptic Bishop on Western Media and ISIS: Beheading 21 Christians ‘A Turning Point’
Christian persucution by muslims islam isis
March 18, 2015 By Theodore Shoebat

Christians in the Central African Republic have destroyed almost all of the mosques in their country, obliterating 417 of the nation’s 436 mosques. This was done as a result of the horrific persecutions done by jihadists against Christians, who have decided to wipe out the problem from its root, and that is Islam. I did a whole video on this:

Here are a couple of photos of the destruction of a mosque by Christians in Central Africa:

car mosque 1
car mosque
According to one report:

Almost all of the 436 mosques in the Central African Republic have been destroyed by months of vicious fighting between Christians and Muslims, the US ambassador to the United Nations said on Tuesday, calling the devastation “kind of crazy, chilling.”

Samantha Power spoke to reporters after a Security Council visit…

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