Jihadists, They Just NEED TO GET LAID MORE, States London Mayor


Too sad, but too true! They are told to NOT have sex, alcohol, no fun or happiness whatsoever! They are taught to use their children, abuse them, rape, and torture them and THEN if they are raped they are killed instead of the perpetrator!

They are taught to hate Israel and the evil West. Yet, they are trying to INVADE our countries and destroy them from within.

We MUST stop them!! Our children and our future generations will suffer greatly if we do not STOP them! 

I have thought the same thing about the poor lost souls, they have no God, no love, no sex, and they live with, and are indoctrinated with HATE, and are taught that it is alright to Lie, Cheat, Steal, Rape, Torture, and Behead anyone who does not believe as they do, or do as they want them to.

I blame their Inbreeding, Indoctrination, and just pure lack of God and anything good. If I lived there, I would probably commit suicide!! No wonder millions of them are dying trying to come to America. 

They have no God, no hope, and no futures. I would rather die and go to meet my God in heaven than worship their allah = satan = devil!! God help them, they know not what they do!!


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