Video: Muslim reaction to Jewish man peacefully sitting at the Temple Mount

The Muslim Issue

Dome-of-the-Rock-1875Picture of the Dome of the Rock from 1875, photographed by Frenchman Félix Bonfils (1831-1885). The Dome of the Rock is suppose to be one of the most ‘important places of worship’ for Muslims through history. Yet there was no signs of regular Muslim attendance or maintenance of it anywhere near to it.

Bonfils took over 9,000 photographs through the Middle East including the British Mandate and Transjordan during his lifetime. ‘Funny’ enough these photographs show a lot of Jewish and Christian people going about their everyday lives, working, going about their lives, attending religious festivals, but hardly any Muslims at all. The place was almost barren from Muslim presence apart from a lone Arab bedouine passing by now and then. And although Muslims claim the area to be their homeland which they “lost to illegal occupation” from 1917 onwards, there wasn’t even Arabian street signs in the area.


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