Dana Loesch Has EPIC Message For Muslims Offended By Cartoons About Muhammad

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Give Me Liberty

This is from Joe For America.

Goat humpers defending the pedophile Mohammed

The Blaze TV’s Dana Loesch–a strong and fearless voice in the conservative movement–recently discussed the horrific terrorist attack carried out by Muslim thugs in Paris, and boy did she have an epic message for nutty radicals who get offended by cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

Let me tell you folks, this one is definitely going to leave a mark.

From TPNN:

Loesch, a powerful voice within the pro-liberty, pro-Constitution Tea Party grassroots movement in America, mocked the stated accomplishment from the Islamist terrorists following the horrific event in which they shouted that they had somehow ‘avenged their prophet Mohammad, who had been insulted.’

“How had he been insulted?” Loesch asked rhetorically. “Oh, with drawings –with silly drawings making fun of him,” she said, answering her own question.

I’ve never understood the remedial logic that believes savagely murdering innocents…

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