Islamizing U.S. Public Schools:Is It Too Late For America’s Kiddies?Britain (Others) Succumbed…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki


{re-blogged at Islam Exposed}

AD infinitum, like a broken record, this site hammers home the same relentless theme: Obama Inc. is Allah-bent on foisting Islam onto America, and primarily via the kiddies! Yes, they are.

BUT before we segue to the proofs – and the reasoning behind the constant alarm bells – the best barometer for what is in store can be found in Europe, and most glaringly in Britain. Yes, Eurabia is America’s fate, its forerunner, if not beaten back in time. And those who believe that Eurabia is a “conspiracy theory”, well, good luck with that fantasy. If anything, its prognosis (re Europe) is very much on schedule. Deal with it.

BE that as it may, the following horror show will be played out in the public schools in America, if nothing is done to stop their thrust. Guaranteed.

As a Sikh and second-generation Briton running…

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