Kicking the Muslim Brotherhood to the curb – the New Middle Eastern Order


234234234If the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood from Qatar has gone mostly unnoticed amid reports that a coalition of the willing has declared war on ISIL and its affiliates in Syria and Iraq, the disappearing of the organization needs to be understood as a crucial development, a game-changer for not only the region but ultimately the Islamic world.

The very pan-Arab nature of the Muslim Brotherhood entails that its disintegration will impact the socio-political and religious make-up of the Middle East and prompt an inevitable shift in power, alliances and allegiances in the region. Moreover, as the Brotherhood loses its last bastion in the Arab world, Qatar, the last pillar of this house of cards, remains but an open gap which will require filling.

Even though Brotherhood leaders have played down their fall from grace, arguing that their departure from Qatar…

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