The Islamic State & Obama’s Limp-Wristed “Blows”:Caliphate Assured…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

Islamic state of Iraq and Syria Chappatte_140614

ONE needn’t be well versed in the sport of boxing to understand one thing: “taking a dive” assures ones defeat, aside from the fact that such machinations are against the rules of the game. Unsportsmanlike, to say the least.

SO too can one describe – and on an exponentially higher decibel – the tepid, the lame ass “campaign” initiated by Barack HUSSEIN Obama against The Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL, or whatever name/acronym you want to ascribe to these rabid Islamic killing machines. Concretely, the Jihadi-in-Chief has already waved America’s yellow belly flag of surrender! Who gave him THAT right? 

IN fact, a most incisive assessment of the Bastard-in-Chief’s nose dive came from a fella named E.T. Williams, who calls himself the “Doctor of Common Sense”. Well, he got it going on! Now, some might find his language offensive – admittedly, hardly PG – but never mind, America…

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