US Needs ISIS(ISIL) Threat to Advance Its Agenda in Iraq and Syria!

Socio-Economics History Blog

  • Remember the Illuminist philosophy: they believe in owning/controlling all sides in a conflict! They raise up 2 opposing forces eg. Capitalism vs Communism, Democracy vs Dictatorship, Muslim World vs Zionist/Christian west .. and then set them into conflict. Out of the ensuing chaos, MegaDeaths … they will introduce their pre-planned solution and thus pose as saviors again. The Satanic philosophy of Order Out of Chaos!
  • The sheeple are brainwashed into killing each other in Illuminist engineered wars. They are sold a pack of lies: “It’s the Mooslims!”, “It’s the Joose, the Joose!”, “It’s the damn Yankees, Russian Commies, Chinese Commies ….!” “They are out to kill you! You must kill them before they kill you!”In reality, the war is between Satan and his minions and the Rest of Humanity. It is a War for the Souls of Man! A war of deception by the Dark Lord, Lucifer/Satan. For humanity…

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