What Side Should Christians Be On In Regards To Palestine And Israel?

Be Blessed Today



If you are pro-Palestinian, you are pro-Islam, pro-Hamas, pro-terrorist, pro-hate, pro-propaganda. Israel is no angel either but people are pushing propaganda like never before so that you side with the Palestinians and hate Jews to the point of wanting them dead. We should not want any dead or hurt or seek vengeance. Never rejoice when your enemy dies or gets hurt. We should remember God’s word about the Jews coming back in the land. Many will become Christians. We need to have some patience with Israel and pray for them. Pray for the Palestinians who are being raised from when they are infants to hate Israel and desire to be martyrs for Allah as suicide bombers. They are using the media to bombard people with pro-Palestinian posts and commenters and they are doing well in changing the minds of Christians and Westerners to hate Israel.

Pray for both of…

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