Swedish politician charged for hate speech for speaking the truth that ‘rape is deeply rooted in Islamic culture’

The Muslim Issue

http://www.bltsydostran.se/multimedia/dynamic/02703/834703_jpg_2703572v.jpgSwedes are no longer the Vikings they used to be. Local politician for Karlskrona, Michael Hess, was charged with hate speech and fined by courts for stating a fact. They don’t like facts in Sweden. Life is much easier when the Swedes base their reality on lies and pretend their women are not raped and Muslims are a peaceful people.


You can no longer defend women against violence in Sweden.

Conservative politician representative for Swedish Democrats (SverigeDemokraterna – SVD) in Karlskrona state, Mr Michael Hess, landed in legal trouble in the socialist left-wing country. Sweden and its political establishment are deeply hijacked by liberal extremist and Muslim immigrants. Sweden is one of those peculiar countries that assume they pride themselves of such a liberal and tolerant society they permit only one viewpoint: their own. Any other opinion is quickly met with the most bizarre intolerance, outrage and bigotry. In…

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