Muslim Terrorists in Nigeria Kidnap 100 Young Schoolgirls to Use as Sex Slaves

Of course they would!! They are heartless, barbaric bastards!! They have to rape and torture girls and boys to make them have sex with them!! They are so Disgusting and Degenerate Pedophiles and Communists!! What do we expect from such VERMIN!!

sharia unveiled

Schoolgirls in Africa 1

by, Post Wire Report | New York Post | h/t David Wood – Answering Muslims

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria — Heavily armed Islamic extremists abducted at least 100 female students from a school in northeast Nigeria before dawn Tuesday, but some of the teens managed to escape from the back of an open truck, officials said.

The tragedy came one day after a bombing killed more than 70 people in the city of Abuja.

The girls were seized after midnight from a school in Chibok, on the edge of the Sambisa Forest, an insurgent hideout, said Borno state police commissioner Tanko Lawan.

Gunmen killed a soldier and police officer guarding the school, then took off with at least 100 students, a State Security Service official said.

Witnesses said the gunmen arrived in trucks and motorcycles and may have grabbed as many as 200 girls.

Audu Musa, who teaches in another school in…

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