Syracuse,NY: Moslems Preparing to Cut 6 Crosses and Steeple From Historic Catholic Cathedral

OMG, that is so horrible!! The satanic cult of islam has bought a beautiful old church, and they are turning it into a den of demons that are plotting to destroy America!! I would rather see the church burnt to the ground than to allow those demons to take over it!! It will be another Terrorist Training Ground! It makes me sick that this is being allowed to happen to one of our historical buildings!! Bury pigs and spread pigs blood all around!! Open a bacon restaurant right by it!! I hope that the people will stand up to these demons and not allow them to desicrate this lovely old church!!

sharia unveiled

Syracuse Cathedral to Mosque
Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Syracuse NY. Mirza Tihic, at top, and Abdulilah Al-Dubai work on the flag pole out front.  An Islamic group is turning the church into a mosque. (Mike Greenlar | courtesy of: 

by, Marnie Eisenstadt |

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — The Syracuse Landmark Preservation Board is expected to vote Thursday morning on whether an Islamic group can cut the crosses off the steeples of a former Catholic Church.

The North Side Learning Center bought the former Holy Trinity Catholic Church on Syracuse’s North Side and is turning it into a mosque. But it can’t do that if it is not allowed to remove the crosses, said Yusuf Soule, director of the North Side Learning Center.

Islam does not allow the worship of idols or symbols, Soule said.

The city’s preservation board has to approve the cross removal, along with a fence the group wants…

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