Yes, Obama is a Terrorist Part 1 and 2


Published on Sep 27, 2013

Your mouth will be hanging open by the end of this video! Copy before they pull it off line! Share and Like This! Spread the news like a Wild Fire!

Yes, Obama is a Terrorist Part 2

Published on Oct 24, 2013…
You probably didn’t know the Obama Administration has hired people in organizations founded by the Muslim Brotherhood to advise our national defense and FBI?

We can’t stand the white side of him anymore than we do the black side. We the People, the Tea Party do NOT like him because he is a Disgraceful, Disgusting, Demon-Rat, Liar, Excuse maker, Blamer, Marxist, Muslim, Usurper Terrorist!

He has given the Legal, American Patriots no reason to like him! He has sided with the communists, islamic/muslim terrorists, socialists, illegals, and criminals!

He is NOT an American! He and his so-called wife have admitted that they hate America and all we stand for!! He should have been in Gitmo years ago with the other Terrorists! He is the “enemy within”! I judge him by what he does, NOT by what he says because everything out of his mouth is a LIE!!

The sooner that he is arrested and removed from the W.H. the better! Everyday that he has Usurped our power and used it to destroy America, America dies a little more!!

Dear Lord, deliver us from obama the “enemy within”!! God bless America.