The Racist Antisemitic Louis Farrakhan and His Message of Islamic Hate Against Whites and Jews (Video)

sharia unveiled

Nation of Islam - Header

This video by the Muslim Leader in America, Louis Farrakhan is a reflection of the intolerance that can be found within Islam today.  As you will clearly see, nothing has really changed in 1400 years concerning Islam.  Muhammad was a racist antisemite that murdered 900 innocent Jews at Banu Qurayza and his followers are still spreading that same poisonous message of hatred and intolerance.

Louis Farrakhan is joke.  He is a shameful heretic and a hypocrite.  He has no problem discussing slavery from the past, but he turns a blind eye to the slavery that is continuing today.  That being, the Muslims in Saudi Arabia that are enslaving the Ethiopians.  Raping and torturing their women.  Beating and murdering their men.

That is a conflict of interest for the Black / Muslim Louis Farrakhan.  On the one hand, his people are being enslaved.  And on the other…

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