School Threatens To Brand 8 Year Olds Racist If They Dont Attend Islam Workshop

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

These kinds of communist tactics are already happening in America too! Can you imagine what would happen if we Christians tried to force islamics/muslims to attend a Christian function?

The educational system and government need to stay the hell out of anything to do with religion and stop trying to sway our children into accepting the crap they are selling to us like: socialism, communism, and the satanic cult of islam.

This is still America and we ARE a Christian nation and we will NEVER submit to the muslim terrorist in the W.H.!! Give it up!! You demon-rats will NEVER turn our beloved Christian and Capitalist nation into one of your communist hell holes!!  Don’t like our country? Feel free to GTFO!!

We must fight the brainwashing of our children, and NOT allow the satanic cult of islam to make our children think that their barbaric and satanic cult is good!! It is of the DEVIL, and I would not allow my children or grandchildren to be forced to attend any of their brainwashing trips either!!!

Kafir Crusaders

FUMING is an understatement to how i felt after reading of the Staffordshire primary school trying to force 8-year-old children to attend an Islam workshop by intimidating the parents. As if arranging for young children from a Christian school to go to an Explore Islam event without first consulting parents views is bad enough. But to send a letter home to the children’s parents in which Headmistress Lynn Small said ‘Racial Discrimination’ would appear on permanent record for any child who didn’t go is absolutely disgraceful. To add insult to injury they expected the parents to cough up £5 to pay for the trip.

Littleton Green Community School head teacher Lynn Small tried bullying the parents to sending their child by threatening to brand the child racist on their files something that will stay with them though out their school life. Islam is a belief and not compulsory and certainly not something that should…

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