Islam Is An Evil Satanic Cult Of Hate, Torture, Pedophilia, Prejudice, and Death!

ALLAH - SATANInfiltration of Islam in America

Muslim men rape plenty of Muslim girls, too – most often their female relatives or children. The difference? No Muslim female can accuse a man of rape unless either the rapist confesses, or four Muslim men come forward to verify her words. Never happens.

If the girl does come forward, without the confessor or the four witnesses, she will be punished for having illicit sex. (Don’t ask me how that’s possible when the court doesn’t acknowledge that the man had sex, too – but that’s misogynistic Sharia law for you.)

Pay attention:

1. There is no word for ‘rape’ in the Arab language. There is only legal and illegal sex.

2. Muslims see non-Muslims as inferior, dirty kaffir. Raping them is not a crime to them.

3. Women cannot testify to their own rape; their word doesn’t count. Neither does their mother’s, aunts, sisters – NO female’s word counts for anything. Females are nothing.

4. The Quran is actually two books. The Mecca Quran and the Medina Quran. Mecca is mostly peaceful – Medina is violent and takes precedence over the earlier Mecca version. Muslims bullshit the West with quotes and half-truths from the Mecca portion; it’s how they convert Westerners, too – who are considered trophies of Islam.

5. Muslims are allowed to, and should, lie and deceive their enemies (which is any non-Muslim.) Anything goes.

6. That quiet, sweet, friendly Muslim neighbor that you know? That Muslim is quite likely to turn on you in a moment, as soon as they have enough numbers to push for dominance. Do your research; it’s happening in every single country across the world, once they get enough people into that country.

If the West doesn’t get rid of this filth, we will have civil wars, certainly. There is no other outcome possible if we don’t deal with them NOW.

Yet Islam treats women as sex objects, by encouraging women to cover up to protect their “modesty”.
If the female body isn’t thought of as merely sexual, why is this necessary?
You slam Britain, but nobody apart from a pedophile POS would encourage children as young as 11 to have sex and “make children”. Take a look at the atrocities in Muslim countries, young girls defiled and left to bleed to death, by their “husbands”, and their families  If you don’t like Britain. why don’t you GTFO and go back to your islamic/muslim HELL HOLE!

There aren’t as many of the vermin here in the USA yet, but problems are beginning, yes.

Several things need to be done ASAP:

1. The West needs to declare Islam a political ideology, NOT a religion. That would remove the protected religious status it hides and operates behind, and free us up to deal with them.

2. All immigration must stop ASAP. Those with citizenship status should have it removed immediately. Laws also need to be changed, so that babies born here to immigrants do NOT gain citizenship at birth.

3. Immediate and permanent deportation to original countries OR parents/grandparents countries.

4. Refugees attempting to arrive by boat or via Mexico, etc, need to be turned back. The Mexican border needs to be closed, and the Canadian border too; at least for a period of years while these VERMIN are gotten rid of.

5. Muslim mosques, non-profits, Islamic ‘Centers’ need to be CLOSED and all property/funds seized.

Yes, I know how that sounds. But this is about saving our countries. “Islamophobia” is a lie used to silence people; don’t allow it. And get those fuckers OUT of any elected positions, school boards, etc. NOW.


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