‘Anti-Christ & Madman’ – The real opinion about Prophet Mohammed through history

The Muslim Issue

Muslims have come forth in massive international propaganda to try and portray Islam as a democratic religion where Sharia law equal the U.S. Constitution. This under claims ‘they’ brought enlightenment to a backward Europe, where people apparently lived in caves before the appearance of the Arabs, who brought everyone together in peace and harmony. As if that is not parody enough they imagine they also gave us modern inventions which we utilized to drag ourselves from cave-like conditions into the modern age. They must have held up a mirror.

And like in all fairy tales they then all lived happily ever after. Amen.

But what are the REAL facts about Islam, and the perception different societies and cultures had of prophet Mohammed and his self-made militant cult movement of barefooted, illiterate tribal soldiers who was described by Persian King Yazdgird III as a cruel and inhumane people who fed on lizards…

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