Mother Who Sought Justice for Her Kidnapped Daughter Gets Beaten and Raped

God help the poor woman. Those Barbaric Savages follow the satanic cult of islam, and I hope they rot in hell for their EVIL!! It is no wonder that those poor women volunteer to be “suicide bombers“, I would want to die too if I had to live in that God-forsaken country.

sharia unveiled

Muslim Mother and daughter 3


by, Our Correspondent | The Express Tribune – Pakistan 

Multan, Pakistan: A woman in Muzaffargarh seeking recovery of a daughter she said had been kidnapped says she has been beaten and raped by the father of the man who kidnapped her daughter.

She has also accused police of favouring her oppressors and ignoring her complaint. Police said they had not received a complaint.

The widow, a resident of Akbar Colony in Alipur, told The Express Tribune that her 14-year-old daughter was kidnapped from their house on October 10 by Zahid Mastoi. She said she had filed a complaint at the Alipur police station and nominated the suspect. She said she had been visiting the police station for follow-up.

She said despairing in the police, she contacted Sardar Sadiq Mastoi, a local feudal lord, and sought his help. She said he called a panchayat comprising 80 people, including several villagers…

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