American Infidels is back online

Of course, the devils don’t want us to warn women about their evil plan to kidnap them and make them SUICIDE wives, after they make them have children for them. Islam treats women and children as property, and they torture, rape, maim, and kill them at their whim. Islam is a satanic cult of death!

Will You Be Silenced


So everyone is aware, the site took a big hit last week and was compromised bringing it down for 4 days. I still don’t have all the details from the hosts but the script has been repaired and I’m back in business.

If you have any trouble with anything on either Google, Firefox Or IE please let me know so I can call attention to it

A interesting note is that the site attacks n death threats always come when Islam is exposed here for its crimes against the female gender, be it acid attacks, child marriage, stoning, or the garbage bags the are forced to wear..
Imagine that..

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