Ban islam a hate page?


we need to stand up to islam and say no islamphobia used to hide the truth Keep Calm and Destroy Islam freedom-will-dominate-the world

Ban Islam

Who said ban islam was promoting hate speech? Ban islam was a page that trying to prevent the hate speech surrounding islam.

Quran 8:55 “non believers are the vilest of animals”

Quran 7:80-84 states homosexuals should have brimstone rained upon them.

Quran 4:34 states disobedient women should be beaten.

Bukhari Hadith volume 7 book 62 number 64 states Muhammad married Aisha at the age of 6 and slept with her at the age of 9.

Bukhari 1:6:301 states women are deficient in intelligence and religion.

Quran 8:12 “cast terror on the unbelievers I will smite of their neck and cut off their finger tips”

Bukhari 59:643 testify that none have the right to be worshiped except Allah or else I will chop off his neck

Do you not think islam is hate speech?

All ban islam was doing was pointing this out. Trying to notify people as to why there…

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