Christie submits New Jersey State Police to Islamic training

Those officers should read “Raising a Jihadi Generation” by John Guandolo – ” the first book of its kind that examines the history, writings and practical implementation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic plan to overthrow America and the impact that plan has at a local level on the security of every American. The book focuses on practical tools for law enforcement, intelligence, and military professionals who must understand that the Muslim Brotherhood in America is the principle entity that prepares the ground for, supports, and facilitates jihadi operations. Once understood, the information in this book gives security and intelligence professionals a factual basis for confronting the enemy, changes what constitutes reasonable suspicion/ probable cause, and transforms how the threat is approached and dealt with. It is our hope you will study and learn from its contents.”

Creeping Sharia

This is just the beginning of Gov. Chris Christie’s Muslim outreach committee. The goal is to force Islamic training on local and county cops as well.

via New Jersey state troopers schooled in Muslim culture : page all –

If a police officer pulls over a female driver wearing a veil covering all but her eyes, can he demand that she lift the veil so he can identify her?

Before a classroom of state police recruits, Mohammad Ali Chaudry, a Muslim scholar, explained that there’s no religious reason for her to refuse. She has to obey the laws of her country “for everybody’s security,” he said.

Questions about the veil and other facets of Islamic faith and culture are at the heart of the one-hour class, now a requirement for every New Jersey state trooper, that emerged from anxiety and acrimony following news last year that New York…

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