“International Conference on Islamophobia”

ACT for America Houston

by Robert Spencer


The creepy obsessive stalker and free speech foe
Nathan Lean of Reza Aslan’s Aslan Media was there

Conference attended called for coordination of an “international effort to tackle the anti-Islam and anti-Muslims [sic] sentiments and Muslim scholars’ efforts to clarify misconceptions about Islam.” This means more initiatives against the freedom of speech, more targeted smearing and defamation of those who tell the truth about Islam and jihad. For if these people were really serious about curbing non-Muslims’ suspicion of Muslims, they would be working on its real cause, which is not the words of “Islamophobes,” but the Muslims who commit acts of terror and justify them by referring to Islam’s texts and teachings.

But they never address that, because the goal of the invention of “Islamophobia” as a concept and the holding of conferences like this one is to deflect attention away from the reality of Islamic…

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