Danish Muslim: “Jihad In Syria Is A Stepping Stone To An Ideal Islamic State That Will Control More Than A Third Of The Globe”

The Muslim Issue

His name is Abu Khattab. He made a speech in this video and he recommends more Jihadist and Danish citizens to participate the war in Syria. It’s very hard to understand his Danish since he mumbles too much and mixing too many Arab words in his speech.

In this video he supports Dah’wa (proselytizing of Islam) in Denmark with the al-Qaeda flag posed joined by chanting.



MEMRI:  In recent weeks, a number of videos featuring jihadis from Denmark currently fighting in Syria have surfaced on jihadi social media pages. These videos show the Danish jihadis addressing Muslims in the West and urging them to join the jihad in Syria, and stressing that they intend to fight “infidels” in Denmark and in Western countries as well.

The videos appear to indicate that there is a significant group of Danish jihad fighters in Syria, and show their leader Abu Moussa…

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