Florida: Public Info Officer Speaks Truth About Koran, Media Freak Out

God bless this poor Patriot and protect him from the satanic cult of islam/muslim!! Wake up Americans, this man is just exercising his Freedom of Speech guaranteed in our U.S. Constitution!! Don’t allow the Demon-Rat, Liberals to silence the TRUTH about the evils of islam!!

Creeping Sharia

From a dhimmi media and supervisor.

The fact that this man’s personal Facebook page become news is evidence enough that sharia is creeping rapidly in America and the response by the media – Evan Axelbank – and the the county commissioner are evidence that they are not only cowards but complicit in the rise of Islamic supremacism in the U.S.

Be sure Palm Beach County is investigating every possible avenue to fire this man or make his life, not just his work life, much more difficult.


You can tweet the reporter at the link above and email Commissioner Priscilla A. Taylor. Let her know that while there is no such thing as free speech under Islamic sharia law, in America we still have the 1st Amendment and she should vigorously support it and that you support Mr. Jamason.


The Koran has been spreading hate for 1,400 years…

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