Russia: Chechen Muslims Riot After Mosque Loses Text Vote Contest

Kafir Crusaders

‘islamic nutcases in the Russian state of Chechnya have gone on the rampage because their mosque only came runner up in a competition to find Russia’s top ten landmarks, Muslims flew in a rage and began rioting after their mosque lost to the Kremlin

Is there anything that Muslims don’t moan and kick off about when things don’t go in their favour???

Its our way or we will kick up a fuss, moan like spoiled children and smash up all our own toys or in this case smash up a few buildings. They should be buzzing about coming 2nd. Thats a good achievement for them, its not like they get that close to the top in anything else. Lets face it their pretty shit at everything else.

Russia: Chechen riots after mosque loses text vote

Ahmad Kadyrov mosque in Grozny, Chechnya

A government-sponsored contest to select 10 symbols of Russia has ended in controversy after the country’s biggest…

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