Media blackout: Sunni funded Syrian ‘rebels’ gang raped, executed 15-year-old girl

They are EVIL, BARBARIC BASTARDS and may all those islamic demons rot in hell with mohammed their satanic leader REAL SOON!! ISLAM IS A SATANIC CULT OF DEATH!

The Muslim Issue

From trying to bribe Russia to cajoling an inept Obama, “Chemical” Bandar bin Sultan has been the spokesman for an attack on Syria for the past 2-3 years, theatrically referring to Assad as “the new Hitler”. The real Hitler is fascist Islam and it’s followers. Bandar has been trying again and again to make the West turn against Syria to remove and replace the leadership with a Wahhabi islamist one. The Shia Muslim presence is despised by the aggressive Wahhabi Sunni’s seeking to have it completely removed. So how to get rid of them? Accuse them of human rights violations, and get the dumb and ignorant leaders of the West, with whom you are friends, to fall for your forged intelligence reports and do the dirty work for you! After removing the Shia’s, they want to remove (kill) the Christians.
 Examiner | September 7, 2013

Last month, reported…

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