Teen Boy Stabs Imam Who Repeatedly Raped and Sodomized Him

Evil begets evil! The PERVERT got what he deserved! The poor boy!! God bless him! No one should have to live with the BARBARIC, PEDOPHILE, ABUSIVE SAVAGES! Islam is a satanic cult!!

sharia unveiled

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by, The Deccan Herald

Angry over allegedly being sodomized, a teen stabbed a cleric to death at Bhatgarhi village in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahar district.

According to police sources here, the blood-stained body of Ikram-ul-Haq, who was imam at the local mosque, was recovered inside the mosque in the wee hours of Tuesday.
The teenager, who also lived in the same mosque with the imam, alleged that he had committed suicide. 

Police, however, took him into custody on the basis of suspicion.

His interrogation revealed a different story.

The boy alleged that Haq had been sodomising him for the past several months. 

He also said that Haq used to beat him when he protested. Haq had sodomised the teenager on Monday night also. 

“On that night I decided to kill him. I stabbed him with a knife when he was asleep,” he reportedly told police. Haq died on the spot.


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