This is how it works: Chronology of the Islamic Conquest of the Netherlands

God help us all if these ANIMALS are allowed to INFILTRATE America like they have other countries. We need to STOP all immigration to America from islamic/muslime countries!! NO sharia in America!! Islam does NOT co-exist with our Free American society and our U.S. Constitution!! It would be TREASON to use sharia instead of our constitution.


ACT for America Houston

by Cheradenine Zakalwe

…While driving a car, Muslim women may wear Muslim headscarves, niqabs or burqas. It is allowed even during the driving test, although the examiner, in that case, is less able to see whether the woman is looking correctly in the mirrors and if she makes enough eye contact with other road users.

Affixing compass cards in police cells in order to point the way towards Mecca for Muslim prisoners is a constitutional right. This was the response of the Interior Minister, Guusje ter Horst from the Dutch Social Party (PvdA), to parliamentary questions from the Party for Freedom (PVV). Muslims are given the opportunity to pray in the right direction by the dots or compass cards in the cells

The Leiden professors W. A. Shadid and P.S. Koningsveld declare that Muslim female students of medicine cannot be expected to be examined by fellow students.

There is…

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