Cairo Correspondent: Muslim Brotherhood Spreading Terrorism in All of Egypt

Dear Lord, help those poor people to fight off the islamic devils!!

ACT for America Houston


After the attempt of the Egyptian police to end the Muslim Brotherhood’s sit-ins in Cairo, the Muslim Brotherhood have been spreading terrorism in all of Egypt. So far they have burnt 54 churches and monasteries to the ground  some of which are ancient. They have killed many Christians, burnt their houses and shops and plundered their possessions.

And here I am wondering where have all the calls for the protection of the Christian minorities gone? The American administration used to threaten the former regime of President Mubarak to ensure religious tolerance – where has that gone? Is that race card not needed anymore?

All of the Egyptians save for a few are in support of their police forces and their army in the fight against these terrorists the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND THEIR SUPPORTERS THE ISLAMIC JIHADIST GROUPS. But alas the American administration is still siding with the…

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