The Obama administration is shaking America’s faith in government

God help us we need an American Patriot like Ben Carson for our leader, because right now we do NOT have one! We have an Illegal, Marxist, Muslime, Usurper Terrorist in our W.H.!

Peace and Freedom

When babies are born, they have little choice but to trust their caregivers,  who are usually the parents. As they mature and are able to distinguish one  person from another, they tend to show great preference for the parents with  whom they have bonded. A trusting relationship develops that should remain  intact throughout life, barring violation of that trust. Unfortunately, in some  cases, the baby or young child suffers abandonment, abuse or some other form of  emotional injury, and the trust is violated. Often the relational rupture cannot  be repaired or requires extensive explanations and alteration of behavior to  heal.

By Ben S. Carson
The Washington Times

Relationships between the masses of people in the governing bodies can also  be healthy or fractured. For decades in America, a guaranteed laugh line was,  “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” As things exist now in our  country, the…

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