Muslim imam teaching children to lie on children’s TV & how to lie to kafirs about Islam

God help us all! GOD/JESUS are about all things good=love, kindness, and honesty.
Islam is about all things evil=hate, lies, and death!

The Muslim Issue

If you hate your wife and want to kill her, what should you do? LIE to her! And lie to her that you love her even if you don’t. And lie to your enemies. And to people around you. In fact, you can just lie about most of your intentions and actions, as long as it is lies from the heart. Learn how to lie – Islam style.
Egyptian imam Mahmoud al-Masri is teaching children how to lie, on children’s TV. In the second video al-Mehri, a specialist on lies and deceit apparently, teaches Muslims how they should lie about  Islam to infidels and jews in particular to make it appear sweeter than it actually is (at least he is aware that only lies would attract people to it).





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