GOA: Status Report on the Immigration Amnesty Bill

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Status Report on the Immigration Amnesty Bill
Many reasons why gun owners should be concerned
As you probably know, the immigration amnesty bill is on the Senate floor.

This is a status report on where we are, and we will attempt to give you regular follow-ups over the next two weeks.

For starters, why should gun owners care about immigration amnesty?

First:  It will add up to a net 8.4 million anti-gun voters in the next 13 years or so.  This could make comprehensive gun control and confiscation inevitable within our lifetimes.

Second:  Victory feeds on itself; but so does defeat.  If anti-gun Senator Chuck Schumer passes this bill out of the Senate with a strong bipartisan majority, he has already said he intends to bring gun control back by the end of the summer.  Obama would emerge from the fight reenergized to take away your guns.

Third:  If people…

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